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Wooden case for iPhone 6,6 s,6+ in walnut and sandalwood

36 $

Деревянный чехол для iPhone 6,6s и 6+ "Орех и сандал" и "Вишня-сандал".

Изготовленный по сложной технологии соединения двух пород дерева чехол для Iphone6,6s и 6+ призван сделать Ваш смартфон индивидуальным и защитить его при падении.

Усовершенственная основа из soft пластика полностью защищает торцы и кнопки.

 Стекло не касается поверхности, т.к. торцы из софт пластика обтекают ваш Iphone, что гарантирует сохранность стекла при нахождении на ровной поверхности.

Так как все чехлы изготовлены из натуральных материалов, то узор и цвет чехла может слегка отличаться от представленного на фото.

Payment methods:
  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • When receiving the courier


Delivery in Moscow is made to any email address.

shipping is free within the Moscow ring road and metro stations of Moscow.

Fitting several models of glasses - 250 RUB. the Maximum number of models - 5 PCs. Maximum fitting time - 20 min. Subsequent time is charged separately and is negotiated with the courier!

Moscow Oblast

shipping wooden glasses handmade by MO is made at Your request.
Cost - 300 rubles.


shipping is made by courier - CDEK (or other of Your choice). 630 RUB. EVENT - DELIVERY 300 rubles.!!!!

standard shipping -Shipment first class Mail Russia. 300 RUB.

Calculate the approximate delivery times can HERE.

You can suggest in comments to the order of any convenient delivery method.

international shipping

is Calculated separately depending on the country of delivery

Write - coob-wood@mail.ru

Call whatsapp/viber - +7 (926) 177-36-60

Warranty on all products is valid for three (3) months (90 days) from the date of purchase.

All claims should be sent to the mail coob-wood@mail.ru with the subject in a letter of "GUARANTEE"( a must!!!).

Specialists in quality COOB the right to request a detailed description of the defect, and photos. When purchasing products COOB service delivery, you need to check completeness of the goods and the goods comply with the description on the website coob-wood.com. In addition, check the product for physical damage. When not a statement by You upon receipt of goods complaints about mechanical damage, in the future, such claims will not discussed.

COOB reserves the right to identify manufacturing defects. If experts in quality COOB found to be a manufacturing defect or material and fittings, COOB agrees to repair or replace the product for free.If experts in quality COOB define the product as non-defective (scratches on the lenses in use in the warranty period are not considered as defect), will repair the item for a reasonable fee.

According to the "Law on consumer protection" exchange and return are possible within 14 days from the date of delivery of the goods to the client and maintaining presentation of the product. BUT!!! We decided to extend the deadline for the return of the goods to the 30+1 days.

Why us?
  • Fast delivery
  • Large selection of models of wooden glasses and accessories
  • High level of service
  • Instant response to a problem situation
  • the Ability to personalize each product
  • Customers, and the Tree is our everything!)

happy shopping

On all questions to call by phone -+7 (929) 609-90-60 or email me -coob-wood@mail.ru

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